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German police reportedly arrest 3 suspects involved in brutal Antifa attacks in Budapest

After footage of German Antifa members brutally beating a number of citizens…

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France: National Rally candidate brutally attacked by Antifa gang, brother hospitalized with severe injuries

A National Rally (RN) candidate and his entourage were attacked by a…

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French conservative candidate for parliament assaulted by Antifa

A candidate for Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête party in the first constituency of…


VIDEO: Undercover British journalist attacked by far-left Antifa in street ambush

A British undercover journalist who had aimed to infiltrate a far-right political…

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VIDEO: German Antifa groups riot at Polish migrant camp, 10 individuals charged

Polish prosecutors have indicted ten members of the Antifa "No Border" group,…

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VIDEO: Left-wing militants wreak havoc in Lille as hundreds gather to shut down Zemmour rally

Approximately 1,100 far-left protesters descended on Lille on Saturday to disrupt a…

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Germany’s far left interior minister wrote for Antifa magazine published by organization with extremist ties

Germany's new interior minister, Nancy Faeser, wrote for Antifa Magazine run by…

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Antifa should decide which publishers are allowed at popular book fair, demands famed German left-wing activist

German sociologist, anti-racism activist, and former Green Party politician Jutta Ditfurth has…

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Rampaging leftist mob attacks mosque in Germany

On Tuesday last week, German police detained 11 people for attacking the…

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Antifa enforces mask rules on Berlin train, throws out young couple who refused to wear face mask

On Saturday, Antifa activists attacked a young couple on Berlin's rapid train…

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‘Antifa is a global terrorist organization’ – Slovenia’s PM Jansa slams left-wing rioters in France

Slovenia's Prime Minister Janez Jansa has labeled the militant left-wing group Antifa…

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‘Let’s kill the AfD pigs with explosives’ – Antifa extremists call for the murder of German conservative politicians 

Police in Germany have launched an investigation into individuals belonging to the…

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Germany: Antifa may have informants inside Leipzig City Hall

Lega Nord pushes the PM to stop the influx

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Spain can crush democracy as long as it’s governed by pro-EU progressives

Italian prosecutors say that the rescue ship Mare Jonio was seeking a…

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France: National Rally activists savagely attacked by group of extreme-left, Antifa militants

Turkey allegedly does not accept returning migrants

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Spain’s left-wing government is encouraging far left political violence

Hungary's pro-family policies are getting results and could help dramatically boost the…

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Germany: Acts of violence from left-wing extremists skyrocketed in 2020

Matovič's party would end up third in the election

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The response to the US Capitol attack exposes left-wing hypocrisy

More than 2,500 people protested against coronavirus measures

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VIDEO: BLM-Antifa extremists attack families, women, children, and the elderly after Trump march in Washington D.C.

Influential French author and philosopher Éric Zemmour believes the power to set…

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Germany: Antifa extremists brutally beat family member of right-wing activist

Although Vera Jourová has attacked Hungary, she still enjoys the support of…

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Criticism of George Soros isn’t anti-Semitic, conservative Jewish groups say

The voice of the Central European region is gaining importance

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Antifa and BLM riots in US caused between $1-$2 billion in damage, insurance companies report

26 migrants apprehended in Hungary used the tunnel to cross the border

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Antifa member armed with flamethrower ‘entered fetal position and began crying’ during arrest in Green Bay

Germany rejected communist China's threats directed against Czechia, asking for respect

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VIDEO: Antifa celebrates shooting death of Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson after Pro-Trump caravan demonstration in Portland

HBO’s newest movie “American Pickle” contains an insult directed at Polish people…

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LGBT activists vandalize statue of Jesus Christ in Warsaw, Polish PM Morawiecki condemns bigotry

Hungarian security policy expert István Gyarmati writes about military planning and civilian…

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US to designate ANTIFA as terrorist organization

The Hungarian economy grew by an annual 2.2 percent in Q1

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