Germany: Antifa extremists brutally beat family member of right-wing activist

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The stepfather of an Identitarian Movement (IB) supporter suffered a head injury after being brutally attacked last week in Konstanz, Germany by a mob of far-left Antifa extremists.

While describing the extent of attack to the conservative German news outlet Junge Freiheit, the victim’s stepson, Dominik B., said that his “stepfather suffered a head injury and the facade of the house is damaged.”

The attack took place on the Oct. 4 sometime shortly after about 60 hooded, black-clad Antifa members stormed through the streets of Konstanz towards the parent’s home of 26-year-old Dominik B. — a formerly active IB member. As they marched, the far-left militants carried a red banner bearing the words: “Counter the shift to the right – organized, consistent, determined.”

After reaching Dominik’s home at about 3:30 p.m., the mob began hurling eggs and red paint at the home’s yellow façade. The far-left extremists also filled the mailbox with construction foam and spray painted the word “Nazi” at the entrance area in front of the home.

Since Dominik wasn’t home at the time, his stepfather, upon hearing the commotion, stepped outside to face the mob. Immediately after, the group attacked him, hitting the 49-year-old man in the head. While the victim was down, the hooded assailants are said to have made an attempt to steal his mobile phone. The far-left extremists then fled the scene of the crime after multiple neighbors stepped in to put a stop to the violence.

“The neighbors reacted well and shouted to the masked people to leave,” Dominik B said.

Following the surprise assault, the Dominik’s stepfather was taken to hospital where he was treated for a head injury and bruises to his body.

Among the residents who witnessed of the appalling attack was a family with four young children. The parents of the children have said that their children were horrified by the attack, Junge Freiheit reports.

Antifa members originally set their sights on Dominik B., who used to be an active member of IB, when they wrote on the information portal Indymedia that he heads the local branch of IB in Konstanz. Dominik, however, patently denies that this was ever the case.

Local Konstanz Antifa members are also said to have left so-called “outing posters” around his neighborhood, on which they shared Dominik’s home address and slandered him as an “active neo-Nazi”

Police are currently investigating the case.

Antifa’s presence in Germany is significant. Last week, on Friday morning, in what was a massive operation which involved 1,500 police officers,  nearly 60 far-left extremists from the “Liebig 34” squat in the Friedrichshain district were evicted from the residence, German newspaper Die Welt reported.

Left-wing extremists set a vital cable box for Berlin’s S-bahn train system on fire in protest of the eviction, causing massive public transportation delays that have lasted over a week. 

Berlin police told the German daily newspaper that they’re anticipating attacks on police vehicles and properties as well as public transport infrastructure from the far-left squatters in the coming days and weeks in response to the removal. 

One police source told the newspaper: “The aim of the actions is to put the capital in ruins.”

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