LGBT activists vandalize statue of Jesus Christ in Warsaw, Polish PM Morawiecki condemns bigotry

Multiple conservative commentators have harshly criticized the outrageous act, warning of intensifying attacks on the Church and Polish values

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polonia Christiana

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki condemned those behind an attack on the statue of Jesus Christ in Warsaw’s city center by LGBT and Antifa activists, stating that he would not permit such “acts of vandalism”.

“Acts of vandalism such as the ones we saw in Warsaw will lead to nothing good and have only one goal — to divide society even more. I will not allow this!” the prime minister’s chancellery posted in a message on Twitter.

Warsaw’s Catholics should make a similar gesture, Morawiecki. In addition to prayers asking for forgiveness for the souls of the culprits, he said Poles should also show, symbolically, that they do not tolerate such profane acts.

The editor-in-chief of Do Rzeczy weekly, Paweł Lisicki, stressed that Poland is facing a group of people entirely empty, uprooted and deprived of basic decency.

“I’d want to say that they behaved like animals, but that would insult animals. I’d want to say they were barbarians, but even barbarians did not act in such a stupid and pathetic manner. There are no words for such actions,” he said.

Priest and Professor Paweł Bortkiewicz explained that the vandalized statue of Christ serves as a broader symbol of Poland’s history and warned of an escalating war against both the Church and Poland. The professor was pointing to Poland’s history under communism in which the Catholic faith and its symbols in the country were destroyed.

He urged that the act should be considered anti-Catholic and anti-Polish and be met with a strong reaction.

“We must end any narratives that we should accept at least some gender ideology postulates, which many people are promoting. This is impossible, and we can see what it leads to!” the professor stressed.

Professor Mieczysław Ryba pointed to the Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who stated that socialism is a theoretical negation and removal of Christianity. He said it is no coincidence that a statue of Christ is vandalized when every Marxist and every socialist ideology promotes attacks against not only Christianity but every religion.

Krystian Kratiuk, the editor-in-chief of Polonia Christiana, stated that many say Poles are supposedly oppressing other, which is completely untrue as Poles are the victims of symbolic attacks.

“We are the metaphorical poor Native Americans who have lived in their homes for centuries in the same ways and hold the same beliefs. Meanwhile, the great money of the West is being used to run through our world and remove what remaining Christianity in it,” he said.


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