Inca gold comes to Budapest

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More than 100 Inca gold items worth over HUF 3 billion (US$11 million) will be exhibited in downtown Budapest from March, news portal Origo reports.

The exhibition consists of gold jewelry, masks, religious items and symbols of power from the collection of the Peruvian Gold Museum operated by the Mujica Gallo Foundation.

For Andean civilisations gold was the symbol of both the Sun and the gods, warmth, light and life. Inca rulers considered themselves descendants of the gods so naturally surrounded themselves with gold artefacts.

The exhibition will also present how gold became the source of so much suffering during the conquest of Central and South America. It opens in Budapest on March 13th. The exhibition will be brought to Budapest by the Czech event organizer JVS Group, which also brought to the region exhibitions such as Titanic, Body and World of the Mummies.


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