Gazeta Wyborcza’s game of poker

“Gazeta Wyborcza” made a mistake in listening to former Deputy PM Roman Giertych when it came to Kaczyński’s tapes. “Do Rzeczy” journalist Wojciech Wybranowski reminded readers of Radio Maryja founder, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk’s words about not trusting “those Giertychs”.

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“Mister attorney. On a scale from 1 to 10? Taking into account the tolerance of Poles for this government. How much of a bomb will it be?” Giertych was asked by a Twitter user. The question concerned the announcement of the so called Kaczyński’s tapes to be released by “GW”.

“11,” Giertych responded.

It quickly turned out, that the announcement of the tapes which were to end PiS and create a “political earthquake” were exaggerated. Wojciech Wybranowski believes that “GW” had unnecessarily listened to Roman Giertych. 

“GW” wanted to play political poker, but it had, as it turned out, bad cards. Padre Rydzyk even 15 years ago had warned loudly (during one of the meetings of his Radio [Radio Maryja]) – “Do not trust those Giertychs!” Jarosław Kurski [GW deputy editor in chief] made a mistake in not listening to the redemptorist.”

It is important to note that Roman Giertych is one of the plenipotentiaries of Austrian businessman Gerald Birgfellner, who in the recorded conversation revealed by “GW”, demands payment for construction work on a skyscraper project. 

Law and Justice’s chairman refused to pay due to the lack of the necessary documents and offered a legal solution to the Austrian.

The family member recorded Kaczyński

“GW” wrote that Birgfellner’s lawyers had put forward a notice to the Warsaw prosecutor’s office about “a warranted suspicion of committing a crime by Jarosław Kaczyński.” Birgfellner accused the PiS leader of “fraud on a large scale.”

It was most likely Bigfellner who recorded the conversation

Bigfellner is also the husband of Karolina Maria Wiktoria Tomaszewska, the daughter of Kaczyński’s cousin. It was most likely the cousin who recorded the conversation. 


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