Influential businessman planned murder of Slovak MP

According to Slovak police Marian Kočner, who is currently in custody, was planning to kill Jozef Rajtár, a member of parliament for Sloboda a Solidarita (SaS). Rajtár was under police protection.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The MP believes the reason for Kočner’s intentions was the fact that he was filing a complaint in connection with the businessman’s activities. According to Denisa Baloghová, the spokesperson of the police the authorities gained knowledge about Kočner’s plans from their own sources.

During the investigation process the police secured an audiotape, which implies that the businessman was trying to have the MP murdered. In the following months Rajtár was placed under police protection, until Kočner was taken into custody. The businessman’s name is also involved in the investigation of Ján Kuciak’s death, the investigative journalist was killed with his fiancée in his home and while the supposed killers were also taken into custody, the person behind the murder is still to be found.


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