Danko: Sanctions against Russia sank Eurasian summit in Bratislava

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Danko recently travelled to Antalya to discuss the possibilities of improving Russian-European Union relations. In a press conference the politician mentioned, the country planned to invite leaders of 39 states from Europe and Asia to Bratislava, but the meeting is taking place in Turkey instead.

In Turkey Danko also organized his fourth meeting with Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of the Russian Duma. “We have really friendly relations which I really appreciate. I am really sorry that we were unable to bring this gathering to Bratislava due to the sanctions against Russia, which is a very unfortunate measure. I still believe that through discussion we can convince the competent politicians that the European Union needs this event,” commented Danko about his meeting with the Russian official.

Volodin emphasized that the Slavic nations belong together and Danko is doing everything to improve the communication between the European Union and Russia. “Our relations due to this will strengthen and develop,” the chairman added. 

The purpose of the Eurasian meeting is to discuss the topics of economic cooperation, sustainable development and the environment. Danko’s ambition is to improve the position of Slovak companies in the world market and examine the possibilities of a potential Eastern expansion. The countries of the European Union were unanimously agreed on sanctons against Russia from the summer of 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea and supporting the separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

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