It is necessary to reduce the flow of migrants

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If the refugees are fleeing to safety, it should be enough to give them medical care, blankets and schools, arabist Petr Pelikan said in an interview for internet television channel DVTV.

There is no “ideal abstract orphan”. In our society, orphan is defined differently than in the Orient. There is a wider definition of family, and the orphan is a child without any relatives who could take care of him/her. I suppose that children in refugee camps are only unaccompanied which is very different from what we understand as an orphan.

Therefore, MEP Michaela Šojdrová must say what specific children she has in mind. As long as she does not say so, we talk about common moral problems. Because of the different definition of an orphan, unpleasant consequences could have come from their arrival. Immigrants coming to Europe have a choice between two loyalties. Between loyalty to their new homeland and to their community. When it comes to it, the loyalty to an immigrant´s community wins.

When the Central European states entered the Schengen area, the EU strictly controlled how they were able to guard their borders. Nowadays, there are states that have slackened off their border guarding and states that have not. For example, Hungary. The Czech Republic should keep doing what it does, that is to press the other states. Babis’s decision that the Czech Republic will not accept a single refugee is correct.

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