Italy refuses to revise its 2019 budget

Italy is ready to confront the European Commission in the draft budget dispute.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Commission announced earlier this week that the Italian 2019 draft budget is seriously violating its recommendations and triggered a sanction process against the country. The Italian government claimed such a budget is crucial for the economy to grow. Therefore, they will not step back, as the Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini put it. His coalition partner Luigi Di Maio added that any changes to the budget are impossible before the European elections.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has also declared that Rome will not step back when it comes to defending Italy´s budget interests. Conte, scheduled to meet Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Saturday, also said that the government was convinced the budget was excellent and in the interest of Italy and Europe. However, he called for a more peaceful approach from both sides.

The EU member states now have two weeks to assess the situation. If they agree with the European Commission´s stance, the Commission will prepare disciplinary proceedings and new recommendations on how Italy could correct its deficit. At the end of the procedure, financial penalties may also be imposed on Italy.


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