Babiš and the theory of political relativity

When Prime Minister Babiš attended a commemorative ceremony of the 1968 occupation there was public uproar. He then laid flowers at the 17th November memorial which backfired as well.

editor: REMIX NEWS

For example, opposition leader Jiří Pospíšil of TOP 09 party criticized Babiš for honoring the 17th November while he is governing the country with Communists, adding that the PM must be scared if he went there in the early hours, which is unworthy in his position. When Babiš attended the Czech Radio act despite being aware of the protesters, the very same people were shouting ‘shame on you, begone!’ at him.

The same theory of relativity applies to politicians at the Prague 8 town hall. When they voted in a new Mayor, the post-election coalition changed at the very last minute, after TOP 09 had decided to switch sides to join the Civic Democrats with local Patriots, which ultimately allowed ANO to tip the balance.

Leading psychiatrist Protopopov, who led ANO there and treated Babiš Jr., resigned after the Jr. scandal broke. The point is the town council got elected thanks to the support of ANO, despite coalition parties such as Civic Democrats and TOP 09 calling for Babiš’s resignation at the national level.


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