Poland wins Junior Eurovision

Roksana Węgiel has won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “Anyone I Want To Be” captured the hearts of both the audience and the jury.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Węgiel’s victory is Poland’s first in the competition. “I’d like to thank Poland, Europe, my dancers, my family and God,” the singer said during her victory speech in Minsk, Belarus and expressed her disbelief. The thirteen-year-old added that the dreams that are important are those which help us achieve greatness.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=PT-EzzJxySI (original performance by Roksana Węgiel)

The final vote-count was very entertaining. Węgiel’s victory was decided by the audience vote. Even the Belarussian commentators could not contain their emotions.

I’d like to thank Poland, Europe, my dancers, my family and God

Owing to the Polish singer’s victory, the next final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Poland. 


Roksana Węgiel comes from Jasło, South Poland. She had previously won the first edition of a TV song contest “The Voice Kids.” 


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