Kaczyński appeals for rejection of ‘evil attacking Poland’

Poland’s ruling party leader told a gathering in a church that evil is attacking Poland and the Church as demonstrators outside agitated for abortion on-demand

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: RMF FM/PAP

Ruling Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński, while speaking at a church in Starachowice in southern Poland, warned those gathered that an “evil” is attacking Poland and the Church.

Kaczyński made the remarks during a mass commemorating the 8th anniversary of the death of his mother, who was born in the same town as the church where he was speaking. 

He drew attention to all those in the town who in the past had — through their work and activities — rejected evil. He said that it was no accident that he was reminding parishioners about the “evil once again attacking our country, fatherland and nation, as well as the institution which is at the center of our identity: the Catholic Church. “

Kaczyński defended the fact that he was speaking inside a church for the first time in eight years as “outside we have people standing who are committed to a very bad cause”. He was referring to the crowd of people gathered outside with banners showing the sign of lightning bolt logo of the Women’s Strike movement who were chanting slogans during the mass.


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