Kaczyński: EU summit result a triumph for Poland

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Ruling Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński hailed the outcome of the European Union summit a great success for Poland, which proved the country was becoming increasingly important within the EU.

In an interview with the Polish Press Agency (PAP), Kaczyński said that “the result of the EU summit is a huge success for Poland, we got the maximum we could achieve”.

He added that “the success of these negotiations shows that any talk of our isolation in the EU is a fairytale”.

The ruling party leader was particularly satisfied at the amount Poland has managed to obtain in the EU budget and the recovery fund.

He was also delighted that the “attempt to link the payment of the funds to conditions that could see these funds arbitrarily removed from Poland just because we are disapproved of and simply by using the empty rhetoric of ‘rule of law’, has failed.”

Kaczyński was referring to the fact that any decision on linking EU funding to rule of law issues would have to be taken by the European Council and stem from a unanimous decision. In short, any country, such as Poland or Hungary, could veto any attempt by the EU to tie funding to rule of law compliance.