Kaczyński: Poland is preparing for ‘civilizational leap’ with billions of euros in funding

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The Polish government has a plan to catch up to Europe in terms of average income per capita by the end of the decade, Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński declared while visiting Wysokie Mazowieckie in Central Poland.

Kaczyński was in the town to initiate the promotion of Law and Justice’s (PiS) new party program, the Polish Deal, which will see billions of euros invested in the country over the coming years. As part of a series of meetings, 40 of PiS’s most recognizable politicians are meant to visit all of Poland’s municipalities over the next few months.

“We must rebuild, but above all else, we must build up. This is mainly our plan to catch up to Europe in terms of the European average income per capita by the end of the decade,” Kaczyński declared at the meeting.

He noted that Poland is currently on the level of 77 percent of the European average; much more than when Poland joined the EU but still not enough. Kaczyński pointed out that Slovenia, the richest of the post-communist countries, has 92 percent of the EU’s average income per capita.

PiS’s leader noted that Poland is also facing very positive economic forecasts.

In 2020, Poland lost 2.7 percent of its GDP, but in 2021, according to European estimates, Poland’s GDP will grow by 4 percent. This is close to a 100 percent increase of what Poland achieved in 2019 and forecasts point to 5 percent GDP growth in later years.