Kick the conservatives and they find an alternative

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The primary liberal media is completely losing its respect for a specific part of society, the conservatives and the religious. If this won’t change, everyone will lose.

We are surprised how quickly and firmly Robert Fico was able to spread his narrative about Soros and foreign disruption of the state. We are wondering how Harabin gains his supporters, the brown coats are in the parliament and some are calling for the return of Mečiar. We don’t understand those who are reading Hlavné správy based on the Russian agenda. We are following the rise of an elite from a parallel world and asking ourselves whether the world is mad.

Humankind has realized the need for organization and survival, communication and creating communities.

I am hearing that Catholics are daft, the members of the church do not think and this is how we should approach them. The conservatives are naturally searching for alternatives in a hostile media environment. Which exists and is waiting for them with arms wide open.

The conservatives are losing their faith in traditional media, because the traditional media lost faith in them. Liberalism, which during the course of history was teaching tolerance to religion now sees it as the biggest challenge.

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