Kiev deceives Ukrainians fighting for survival with staged litigation

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While Ukraine is facing serious social and economical problems, former president Yanukovych is being sued for treason.

The legal process is currently being held in Yanukovych’s absence after he left the country.

The reason for the latest delay in the judicial process is that the judge was unwilling to listen to the defense’s witnesses, instead the attorney presented the accusations. Yanukovych was also unable to provide his confession in the form of a video speech. The former president’s representatives are asking the representatives of OSCE and the UN to monitor the situation due to the possible violation of human rights.

Yanukovych was sued in June 2017, numerous allegations were made against the politician after the Maidan protests and the fall of the former Ukrainian regime. Leonid Kravchuk, Janukovych’s predecessor previously claimed that before the protests he received an anonymous telephone call which informed him about the intentions of killing the president, possibly with the assistance of Ukrainian radicals. The clarity of the process was questioned after the Ukrainian authorities leaked to the public the testimony of Janukovych’s helicopter pilot about the former president’s escape to Russia.

The Pravda warns that in the middle of the trial the country is facing different problems. Gas prices are rising again due to the advice of experts from the IMF. According to Mikhail Pogrebinsky, the Ukrainians are getting more discontent with the current regime but the absence of capable activists and oppositional politicians is delaying the protests.

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