Let’s talk about foreigners, not just illegal migrants

The debate on migration is often wrongly narrowed down only to the flows of illegal migrants. However, we should also focus on some controversial cases related to legal foreigners, which amount to more than half a million cases in the Czech Republic.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The case of Ayan Jamaal Ahmednuur who sued the headmaster of a Secondary Medical School for not being allowed to wear a headscarf, could be an example. She served as a puppet for left-wing extremists such as the ombudsman Anna Šabatová, non-profit organizations and extremists. It is these extremists who have made the whole case a big political issue  

Ahmednuur arrived in the Czech Republic in 2011 and immediately after arriving at the Ruzyně airport, destroyed all personal documents. She then applied for asylum and was sent to the receiving center. She received her 10-year residence permit (until 2021) in the name of Ayan Jamaal Ahmednuur, which was based solely on her declaration.

A number of non-profit organizations immediately took care of Ahmednuur, thanks to which she received a certificate of graduation at the elementary school where she was rated “good” in the Czech language. However, this lady only speaks English very well.

Although she was thrown out of the secondary school after only one day of study because she did not have any identity papers for.a second time, she at least managed to sue the school for not being allowed to wear a burqa. Finally, Ahmednuur passed the final state examination thanks to a retraining course, but three years later she only passed a part of the exam for a Czech driving licence with an English interpreter.

“This case shows a strange system of inconsistency, active scams, and help from taxpayer-funded organizations,” concluded Klaus.


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