Life-size marzipan replica of Hungary’s Holy Crown

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The team at Koko confectionery in Veszprém celebrated Hungary’s national day, the foundation of the Hungarian state with a marzipan replica of the revered Holy Crown.

The holiday falls on the feast day of Stephen I, later known as St. Stephen, the founder of the Hungarian state, who was canonized in 1083. He was crowned December 25th, 1000 A.D. (or, according to other accounts, January 1st, 1001) with a crown sent by Pope Sylvester II.

Confectioner Zsolt Pintér and his team have put the replica – complete with red velvet display pillow and glass display case – in the window of their shop.


Every detail of the crown – down to the gemstones, pearls and icons – is as close to the original as possible. Patrons of the confectionery can also purchase miniature Crown cakes, a limited edition specially made for the occasion.

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