Majority of Romanians fear Hungary will seize Transylvania

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The majority of Romanians still believe that Hungary wants to separate Transylvania from Romania, a recent poll released by the Laboratory of Information Warfare Analysis and Strategic Communication (LARICS) shows.

According to the poll conducted on a representative sample of 1,000 Romanians, 66.2 percent agree with the statement that Hungary is trying to separate Transylvania from Romania and 63.6 percent agree with the statement that “Hungary is interfering in an unacceptable manner in Romania’s internal affairs”.

The opinion of the population about the institutions of Romania also held surprises: most trust the army (72.6 percent), followed by the church (57.5 percent) and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (50 percent). However, only less than half of the population trusts the police, gendarmerie and hospitals.

Researchers also asked to what extent some of the best-known international politicians were considered “people of peace or war”. Those polled considered Russian President Vladimir Putin as the biggest threat (62.5 percent), followed by Xi Jinping, president of the People’s Republic of China, with 62.5 percent, former US President Donald Trump in third place, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in fourth place with 39.2 percent.

On the opposite side of the list is French President Emmanuel Macron, who is thought by 82.4 percent of the population to be a “man of peace”, followed by President Klaus Iohannis with 78.7 percent.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of the poll came in the answers when those polled were asked to rank the “best” vaccines against the COVID-19, with 21.5 percent saying they have not heard of the vaccines and a further 13.6 percent could or would not answer the question.  

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