Polish and Romanian armies increasingly on par with NATO allies, says Polish president

Owing to the purchases of modern weaponry, the Polish and Romanian armies will be able to better integrate with allied forces

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: DGP/PAP

Following Poland’s participation in military exercises in Romania, Polish President Andrzej Duda praised the Polish and Romanian militaries for the progress they have made.

Duda was an observer during the Justice Sword military exercises on the Smardan training grounds in Romania alongside Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. Polish soldiers, who are a part of the multi-national NATO battalion stationed in Romania, took part in the exercises.

“On Monday, we spoke about the current security situation, and we were preparing for the NATO summit which will take place in Brussels,” Duda said, reminding that both US President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken took part remotely in the Bucharest Nine summit.

“We also spoke about the theoretical aspects associated with constructing a security zone and collective defense,” he added.

Duda also emphasized that Poland and Romania have been modernizing their armed forces.

“There is increasingly more modern equipment in our armies; we are becoming more compatible with allied armies and with the American army in particular,” said the president.

He pointed out that on Monday, as part of another exercise, Swift Response, Polish paratroopers practiced jumps alongside other allied troops.

“I am very pleased, that we are training inter-operationally and are transferring our forces to test all sorts of logistic and strategic solutions,” Duda said.

Romania’s Iohannis declared that the joint Polish-Romanian military exercises were an important event as they allowed to show the defense capabilities of both armies.

“It is incredibly important to us to increase integration, get to know each other, train together, and carry out tasks,” he said, referring to the multi-national missions of combat groups located in Poland and Romania based on a decision from the 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw.


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