Meloni: ‘The left was unable to stop the rise of the right’

Meloni's Brothers of Italy party went from 6 percent in 2019 to 28 percent in the European election

(MTI/EPA/ANSA/Giuseppe Lami)
By Dénes Albert
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During Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s victory speech, she said that the left is falling to the wayside while the right is ascendant in Italy and across Europe.

“The left saw the rise of the right but was unable to stop it,” Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in the early hours of Monday as her FdI (Brothers of Italy) party went from 6 percent of the votes to 28 percent in the European elections, a statement that also applies to the wider European context.

She recalled that she and her party celebrated their victory in the Italian parliamentary elections in the same place in September 2022.

“That was a good night, but this one is even better for me,” she said, adding that less than two years ago, Italians had hoped for a center-right government, but “now they know what we are capable of.”

She stressed that the government she led found the country in an extremely difficult situation when it took office, the only thing more complicated than that was the international situation.

“Our strategy has always been to speak the truth and do what we have to do for the country. The Italians understood that,” Meloni said.

She pointed out that her party, which scored just over 6 percent in the 2019 EU parliament elections and 26 percent in the 2022 domestic parliamentary elections, is now polling over 28 percent in the current EU parliament elections, according to preliminary data.

Since 2022, the domestic tripartite coalition of the Brothers of Italy, the Forza Italia and the League has continued to grow stronger, she added.

“I am proud to represent the strongest government in the G7 and in Europe as president-in-office,” Meloni said, referring to the group of the seven most industrially advanced countries in the world.

She welcomed the fact that the European Parliament elections have strengthened the bipolarity of center-right and center-left politics.

“It makes it easier for citizens to decide which side to take,” he said. Giorgia Meloni delivered her speech in front of an azure blue backdrop with the logo of the Brothers of Italy and the words “Grazie!” (Thank you!) in the party’s Rome media center. The choice of color was reminiscent of the political heyday of the late Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party.

Despite Meloni’s speech, many on the right have accused her of betraying voters on the issue of immigration, with Italy seeing huge increases in illegal arrivals since Meloni took power. In turn, she also backed the EU migrant pact and is pushing for more legal migrants for the country.

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