Merkel unable to eat humble pie

Experience should be a stupidity that one refuses to repeat. However, this saying does not really apply to politics, as Angela Merkel proved in Chemnitz last week.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Chancellor refused to eat humble pie and reflect on her policy of 2015 in a way which could be bearable for citizens of a city where migrants are suspects in the murder of a German. Merkel said that mistakes were made as the government did not pay enough attention to countries of migrants’ origin, instead of regretting her decision to open Germany’s borders to migrants.

In fact, her explanation can be interpreted in several ways. Her government should have expected certain kinds of a behavior from immigrants and be better prepared to oversee them. Another interpretation may be that opening borders and letting unlisted people in are two separate things.

Let’s say it was a government’s stupidity that is not going to be repeated. Therefore, Germany indeed learned a lesson, but at what price? A dangerous trend is coming hand-in-hand with such an approach – a nurtured openness to Muslims and their demands on governments. 

Let’s take the UK as an example. They refused to grant asylum for Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, because it ‘would lead to riots and attacks on civilians and embassies’. Although it may sound like a part of Sharia law, it is an official statement of the British authorities.


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