Migrants demand luxury hotels in Greece

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A group of illegal immigrants in Greece were transported to the refugee center in Thebes to be accommodated there, but the migrants refused to enter the center and demanded that they be taken to a luxury hotel as they had been accommodated there before. Illegal migrants were previously housed in a five-star hotel in Nea Makri, Radio Thiva reports . source: radiothiva.gr

Migrants in Thebes demanding luxury hotel accommodation. After arriving by bus at the reception center in Thebes, they refused to accept accommodation there. However, the bus had to go further, so the immigrants, including children, settled near the local police station, but still refused to go to the reception center. They asked to be taken to a hotel. Eventually, as it grew colder, they lit a fire in the area next to the police station, which prompted police to intervene, and they were eventually placed in the center that was their original destination. Arson is not a way out of refugee camps either In the space of a few months, three refugee camps burned to the ground in Greece.

The first case happened in September on the Greek island of Lesbos in Moria. The facility, notorious for its difficult living conditions, was completely destroyed in a fire set by migrants living there , leaving 12,000 migrants without shelter. Before Christmas, the Lipa accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, near Bihac, which is home to some 1,300 illegal immigrants, was engulfed in flames. And a few days ago, a Lebanese tent settlement home to 75 Syrian families was set on fire. The case in Lebanon stands out in the sense that, according to previous press reports, there was a personal conflict behind the fire. Reportedly, Lebanese were involved in an argument with the Syrians — with some sources claiming it had to do with unpaid wages while others say it was over a woman — resulting in the Syrians burning their accommodation down. The various arsons follow a pattern of migrants setting fire to their own camps in an effort to be transported to wealthier European nations.

Title image: Migrants disembark from a vessel after an operation by the Greek Coast guard at the port of Katakolo, western Greece, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. (Giannis Spyrounis/ilialive.gr via AP)

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