Migration pressure persists, says Chief Security Advisor

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Bakondi said migrants are still actively seeking passage along Hungary’s borders with Serbia and Croatia. “The liberal, Socialist allegation that migration is over is obviously false,” he said. 

He said legislative plans such as the United Nations’ migration pact and the European Union’s border protection initiative are dangerous because massive crowds of migrants would jump at the opportunity to cross the borders.

It is also obvious that migration waves are being financed: this is proven by the fact that every single person in the Honduras migrant caravan was being handed out money on departure.

Bakondi said Hungary will continue to defend its borders at a higher readiness, the government and the authorities will do everything to protect the Hungarian people. “Authorities are continuously monitoring migrant movements and the activities of the groups organizing it.”

He said the Hungarian government implemented preventative measures that would guarantee the safety of the country’s borders regardless of how migration or its financial support changes. He said that the Croatian borders national guards and even hunting associations assist the police and armed forces in their work.

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