Migration will dominate the V4 summit

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However, given the historical bond, it wouldn’t be wise to reduce the V4 cooperation to just one issue, our shared past cannot be simply narrowed down to a debate on migration, Rudolf Jindrák, the Office’s International Department Director added.

Even though migration is one of the crises Europe is currently facing, Jindrák believes that ‘we deserve more than to be just aligned in Orbán’s camp’. Slovakia for example, is ‘much smarter’ when it comes to offering unique topics than the Czech Republic, said Jindrák. We lack an ability to play a more important role on a multilateral level.

During his two-day program, Zeman is also going to visit High Tatras. Slovakia was the first foreign country Zeman visited after he got re-elected and he has been travelling there frequently during both his terms. 

Due to the V4 summit, the President postponed appointing the new Foreign Minister. Zeman’s spokesperson announced that Tomáš Petříček will be officially appointed on October 16th.

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