Morawiecki: Europe must stand with the US in terms of 5G technology

Beware of authoritarian regimes through new technologies

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Niezależna/The Daily Telegraph

PM Morawiecki underlined in an article for the Daily Telegraph, that while shaping economies after the crisis, countries should ensure long-term prevention from becoming economically dependent on unreliable partners.

“The pandemic has made us painfully aware of how crucial it is to have our own secure production lines for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and laboratories. The same goes for 5G decisions. Disregarding the need to secure our critical technology would be a mistake for which Europeans would pay a considerable price,” he said.

The head of the Polish government underlined that national security must be an integral part of the European approach to globalization, as globalization without democratic control may have dire consequences.

“Otherwise, we face a risk that the current crisis will be merely an introduction to what may happen, if an unauthorized subject will take control over 5G networks and delivery chains,” he said.


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