Polish prime minister rebukes new Russian WWII history revisionism

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki responded to a new Russian slander concerning the Polish Home Army (AK) allegedly murdering Jews and Ukrainians during Second World War, saying, “I thought that the world imagined by Orwell ended along with the fall of the communist system.”

The prime minister shared a post on Facebook in which he criticized what he called the “next Russian edition of historic revelations” in which Russia accused the Home Army (AK) of “murdering Jews and Ukrainians during the Second World War.”

Morawiecki then went on to list previous Russian and Soviet crimes:

“How much of this nonsense can be perpetuated by those who for decades accused Germany of the crimes in Katyn, who did not admit to secret agreements with Hitler in August 1939 which led to the partitioning of Poland, or the starvation of Ukraine in the early thirties which resulted in the death of over 8 million Ukrainians, Russians, Kazakhs, and other nations who were part of the Soviet Union?” he asked.

He added that he had believed that the “world imagined by Orwell had ended along with the fall of the communist system. Is there to be its great comeback made in Russia?”

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the publishing of secret documents concerning the entry of the Red Army into Warsaw on Jan. 17, 1945. The ministry claimed that publishing the documents was a “continuation of the actions meant to protect historic truth”.

The publishing coincided with the commemorations of Jan. 17, 1945, which in Russia is called the day of “liberating Warsaw.”

According to a Facebook post published by the Russian ministry, the documents “prove that units of the Home Army (AK) annihilated the Ukrainians and Jews in the city.”

The Russian documents are a part of an ongoing feud between Russia and Poland about the two countries’ roles during the Second World War and the Holocaust.

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