Multiculturalists and genderists are more dangerous than Islamists

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Migration is a serious issue, but Islamist terrorism is not as serious and aggressive as another form of terror that entered our culture through the gate of multiculturalism linked to the migratory wave. It is the doctrine of genderism and feminism, which is the cause of demographic decline and the desire to occupy less populated areas.

Migration is a very serious problem. It is a manifestation of the widespread war of fanatical Muslim terrorists that hit the Euro-American zone and, by extension, the whole world. No doubt, it’s a war, a genocidal religious war. War is not only conducted at the level of armed action. It also has a form of ideological struggle, in which we find ourselves almost every day and everywhere.

Thinking of peace is inappropriate, we have to think in terms of war. It follows that we must take care of borders and sovereignty. The boundaries must be guarded and defended. We have to express the sovereignty in legislation, especially the visa obligation.

How to act in a war that goes beyond the framework of current international law? The attacker is the so-called “Islamic state” that is not a state.

Many members of this movement have proper citizenship in the states that defend themselves. How, why and under whose charge the politicians act? Is Angela Merkel, for example, more scared of her citizens or the terrorists? Is Putin, pervaded by the spirit of the Soviet Kremlin, in fear of Muslims, NATO or China?

However, I would like to draw attention to another, more serious war, a more aggressive terrorism. The new ruthless doctrine of feminism and genderism endangers us far more. Such a pressure, through the enforcement of legislative changes, has paved the way for Islamic extremism. How? It introduces us to the culture of death. The resulting demographic decline creates a vacuum and raises the desire to occupy/populate less-populated areas.

We came from the issue of migration and terrorism to the real danger of far worse terrorism. Such a return is quite logical because today’s migration is connected with the multiculturalism that has opened the gates to it. But it is also a gateway for genderism. The danger lies in the fact that all these movements are mutually reinforcing themselves and threatening the order that has so far created and bound our society together. 

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