SPD defends V4 states against Macron

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President Macron said that countries rejecting solidarity on the issue of migration should be excluded from the Schengen area. According to the SPD, he is trying to break the unity of the V4 states.

SPD considers the statement by the French president, who spoke at the informal summit of EU leaders in Salzburg, quite scandalous. He said that countries that reject solidarity in the migration issue or the extension of Frontex should be excluded from the Schengen area and those countries that do not want a stronger Europe will face financial penalties.

By this, he had in mind the persistent resistance of the V4 countries, especially Poland and Hungary, on the issue of illegal immigrants entering their territory. It is another Macron attempt to break the V4 states, in which his monster way of acting in the form of threats to so-called “disobedient” Member States continues. 

SPD unambiguously rejects such methods and argues that we do not want to live under such a dictate of the European Union. SPD proposed and called for the adoption of the Referendum Act so that Czech citizens can freely express whether they want to stay or leave the European Union. As an alternative, SPD proposed a format of the so-called Union of European Nations (UEN) to ensure cooperation between sovereign states and where cooperation between its members would be based only on the fundamental pillars of the freedom of movement of persons, goods, services, and capital, or on a common defense agreement.

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