Musician’s dilemma on medal from the president

Polish musician Józef Skrzek was attacked on the internet after first accepting a medal from the president and then returning it. Internauts accused him of being a “sellout” and politicizing himself.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Polish Independence Centenary Medals were given out to 28 Poles who had distinguished themselves in Poland’s name by president Andrzej Duda. Some internauts were outraged by Skrzek’s acceptance of the award and slandered him as a conformist, sellout and spineless person. 

Skrzek responded to the criticisms on Twitter: “Thank you everyone for your understanding. I apologize for the disappointment. I will return the medal…” 

The entry did not stop the wave of hate, however. The musician’s response provoked a different group of internauts who accused him of being childish and spineless once more. “I will return your albums, then. Will there be a refund?” some asked.

Other users were disappointed with how Skrzek gave into internet hate. “Mister Józef, have you allowed yourself to be intimidated by boorishness? Thankfully, you are one of my followers and that is why I ask you not to do so. You are famous and popular enough not to give into the demands of barbarians.”

Some people saw Skrzek’s response as political: “Your music is what makes people happy. Music, not politics.”

Józef Skrzek cooperated with groups such as Breakout and the Amethysts. He the SBB rock band in 1971 who co-created Polish rock. He has recorded more than 40 albums and holds concerts all across the world. 


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