Polish hero from Strasbourg attack has died

Bartosz Niedzielski prevented further bloodshed in Strasbourg after he sacrificed himself to stop terrorist from entering a club. The hero died on Sunday after a long struggle to save his life.

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Niedzielski’s death was reported by Magda Rutkowska on Twitter:

“Bartek has passed away, a great man who loved people, who loved life… Goodbye Little Brother.”

Niedzielski along with his friends had prevented the terrorist from entering one of Strasbourg’s clubs, reported “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Owing to their bravery, a massacre on the scale of the 2015 Paris attacks had been avoided.  

Witnesses explained that Bartosz and his friends had gone out for a smoke in front of one of the clubs. They saw the armed terrorist and threw themselves at him in an attempt to foil his plans. Niedzielski and his Italian friend 29-year-old journalist Antonio Megalizzi had paid for the lives for the people in that club.

The Pole had been an active part of Strasbourg’s community. He was a guide in the European Parliament as well as around the city. He was also a journalist for local media, organized a comic book festival and participated in Strasbourg’s choir. 

President Andrzej Duda paid tribute to Bartosz Niedzielski on twitter.

“Yesterday Bartosz Niedzielski died in hospital in Strasbourg. The fifth Fatality of the attack of 11/12. He worked at the EP and I knew him by sight. I’m shocked. I did not realize that it was him who was mortally wounded while protecting people. Hail to His Memory! RiP”

Andrzej Dera, the aide of the president informed that Bartosz Niedzielski is to be decorated posthumously by the president.

On the 11thof December 2018 a terrorist attack struck Strasbourg. The assailant, Cherif Chekatt a French citizen with Moroccan roots opened fire on a crowd near Strasbourg’s Christmas market. Witnesses claim he had screamed “Allah Akbar” while shooting. Five people were killed and twelve were left wounded. Chekatt was killed by French police two days later.


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