Muslims benefit from weak European politicians

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Examples in Vienna and Poitiers show that Muslims are very successful in building a strong position across Europe nowadays. They do not need a majority, because liberal leftist parties are standing on their side. It will not take much time before European history would be rewritten. Austrian and French authorities are not doing anything to stop it.

The statue of King Jan III Sobieski will not be placed in Vienna. The authorities think that such a monument would have an anti-Turkish tone and it is not a good time to erect the statue.

Another interesting discussion can be seen around the mosque in Poitiers, France. The mosque is presented with a different name for the French and for the Muslims. It is officially called the Great Mosque of Poitiers. Muslims, however, named it “Paved with Martyrs“.

It is illogical and idiotic to blame Muslims for that. They only take a chance offered to them by the current social and political regimes in Europe to propagate their point of view on history, society and policies.

Perhaps students in France will soon learn of the evil Karel Martel, who hurt the poor Muslims that have spread Islam to the territory of today’s France. Teachers in Austria will tell the stories about the evil Jan III Sobiesky, who led the coalition forces in the battle against the Muslim Ottoman Empire near Vienna, and his victory delayed the Islamization of Austria.

Muslims do not even need to represent a majority of the population in European society. Multicultural and left-wing activists who hate the original European conservative anti-Jewish-Christian civilization would like to help them.

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