Hungary supports further EU enlargement

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Hungary is pushing for the completion of EU accession talks with Serbia and Montenegro as well as starting negotiations with Macedonia and Albania, Szabolcs Takács, state minister in charge of EU affairs at the Prime Minister’s  office said in his speech at the Krynica economic forum.

According to Pesti Srácok, he said that while the other Visegrád countries (the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) agree with Hungary on this issue, western European countries are of the opinion that before accepting new members the EU should close the debates about the Union’s future.

“Brexit and migration are two such contentious issues and they only wish to begin (enlargement) negotiations once these have been completed,” Takács said

He said Hungary is supporting the accession of the Western Balkans sates because they play a key role in controlling ground migration routes. He also said that the discussion in Krynica he took part in was focused on the area exchange between Serbia and Kosovo, a very delicate matter.

“This, however, also shows that if the Western Balkans states can make such weighty political decisions and see them through it means they are ready for EU membership,” he said.

Hungary will support any agreement that has the full backing of the Serbian and Kosovar government and is in line with international law. He said Hungary wants Montenegro and Serbia to become full members of the Union by 2025 and the launch of accession negotiations with Macedonia and Albania in 2019, in line with the Commission’s relevant decision.



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