The mystery of the vanishing plate

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Polish Politico head editor Michał Broniatowski alerted the world on facebook that the Polish ambassador personally unscrewed the plate. Broniatowski suggested that the reason for the removal was the presence of the names of Jerzy Buzek and Donald Tusk.

Donald Tusk claimed on Twitter that he doesn’t care so much about unscrewing the plate as he does about Poland’s position in the EU:

“Never mind the plate. It’s important that they don’t unscrew Poland from the European Union.”

Polish internauts were quick to respond to Tusk’s threatening with Polexit. Asia S. writes:

“The greatest success of Poles and Poland in the last years?! Unscrewing you and your crew of liars from the trough.”

“Newsweek Polska” asked the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to comment on the issue. The Ministry replied that the removal had happened due to renovations of the building.

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