New EU budget proposal could benefit Poland

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A new budget proposal from the president of the European Council could show that budget negotatians are starting to pay off for Poland regarding the upcoming seven-year European Union budget.

European Council President Charles Michel will try to convince the leaders of 27 states to break the months-long stalemate at an additional summit on Thursday, Feb. 20.

It won’t be easy, as his proposed compromise is still unacceptable to many European capitals.

Poland is one of the countries which would benefit the most from the new offer. Although the budget proposal is slimmer than the one from 2018, Warsaw is meant to receive €2 billion more for cohesion policy.

Finland had previously proposed an additional €1 billion during their previous tenure in the presidency at European Council, which now has led to a total €3 billion increase. That means that Poland would receive €67.4 billion instead of previously proposed €64.4 billion.