No Czech representatives to attend UN migrant pact conference

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The UN states will act on the Migration Pact on Monday and Tuesday. The Czech Republic rejected the document in the middle of November, as well as the United States, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

According to the Czech government, the Migration Pact conceals the differences between legal and illegal migrants, thus encouraging greater migration, including illegal migration. The Cabinet also criticized the absence of a clear opinion in the final text of the document that illegal migration is undesirable, which the Czech Republic has previously enforced. Also, the text does not contain the resolution proposed by the EU which would consider forced returns of illegal migrants a legitimate component of migration policy.

The Czech government originally considered adopting the Global Pact with reservations. Given fears that these reservations will cease to be relevant at the time the pact is approved, the cabinet eventually decided not to join the treaty.

The Global Compact for Migration, according to the UN, is intended to improve international migration issues; it aims to promote safe, controlled and legal migration, and to reduce the number of human smuggling and trafficking. The treaty also deals with why people migrate, how to protect migrants, how to integrate them into new countries, or how to allow them to return home.

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