Nord Stream 2 could be blocked despite German and Austrian support

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The Slovak politician pointed out that the body can accept a resolution blocking the investment with a qualified majority. Gas transport through Ukraine and alternative solutions after 2019 will probably be discussed at the end of October, when the contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz expires.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is being built with the participation of five European companies, connecting Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea. Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria are actively participating in co-financing the project. The pipeline could potentially divert a significant part of the Russian gas to Western Europe, previously flowing through Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland. According to the European Commission the plan contradicts the energy conception of the EU and a new directive should be discussed regarding the gas lines coming from third party countries. If the resolution is approved by the European Parliament and the Council, the latter with a qualified majority, the restriction could seriously affect the investment.

According to Šefčovič the issue is gaining support among member states, however the process could be slowed down by the Austrian presidency, which doesn’t consider the issue a priority.

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