Slovak Islamist prepared an attack, according to Czech police

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The information was confirmed by Tomáš Tuhý, President of the Police on Czech Television. Tuhý also confirmed that the Slovak citizen, who frequently visited local mosques is probably not a member of a terrorist organization but rather an individual, who works alone. “This person was preparing a terrorist attack, which was prevented due to the fine cooperation of the secret services and the police,” the president said.

The case of the Slovak Islamist was going public after a report by the dailly Mladá fronta DNES. Dominik considered his role model the imam of Prague, who is currently on the run and also accused with terrorism due to helping his relatives who were supporting Al Qaeda in the Syrian civil war.

According to the police Dominik converted to Islam three years ago, frequently wore army uniforms and used the greeting of the warriors of the IS. In his apartment the police found chemical ingredients and manuals for bomb-making. The youngster claimed he was planning and making special fireworks for New Year’s eve.

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