‘Open the borders!’ – To defeat the AfD party, Germany must bring in more migrants and give them immediate voting rights, claims founder of migrant rescue boat NGO

By John Cody
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For many years, the left has denied the entire idea of the Great Replacement, labeling it a conspiracy theory, while at the same time calling for mass immigration to defeat conservative European political parties through demographic replacement.

Now, the founder and spokesperson for the Mission Lifeline International migrant rescue boat NGO, Alex Steier, has contributed to this trend by claiming that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) only won a recent election because Germany has not taken in enough immigrants. Steier says that if it had done so, then the AfD would have never had enough votes to win its first district election in the party’s history, an event that has shaken the German political establishment. Therefore, he demands open borders.

“If there had been enough immigration from abroad (e.g., by abolishing the visa requirement for Afghans and other persecuted people), and if these people had been given the right to vote immediately, (the German district of) Sonneberg would not be an issue today. Therefore: Open the borders!” wrote Steier on Twitter.

The tweet comes after AfD candidate Robert Sesselmann won the district of Sonneberg yesterday, marking a major milestone for a surging AfD party that stands at 20 percent in polls, a record high that puts it, at least in some polls, as the second most popular party in the country.

However, some on the left are taking issue with this democratic result, with multiple parties continuously pursuing a nationwide ban of the AfD despite approximately one out of every five Germans saying they would vote for the party. However, in the case of Steier, he believes mass immigration and immediate voting rights for these newcomers is the answer. Under Steier’s proposal, if the desired democratic outcome is not achieved through one population, then the solution is to bring in an entirely new population to vote differently.

Proponents who have described the Great Replacement, which is the ongoing demographic replacement of Europeans by non-European populations, have noted that one of the key objectives for many promoting the Great Replacement is obtaining permanent political power through mass immigration, with one Twitter user writing: “They no longer even make a secret of the fact that they want to abolish Germany and are surprised that #AfD is elected. #Sonneberg.”

Some users pointed out how many migrants in the West do not become left-wing voting liberals, but adhere to the ultra-religious beliefs and practices common in their homelands.

Steier also singles out Afghans in particular in his push for mass immigration, saying visa requirements should be abolished for Afghans and others. However, Afghanistan has one of the most conservative governments in the world and features one of the world’s most ultra-religious, hardline cultures. Currently, women are no longer allowed to vote or work, and in many cases, they are not even permitted to leave the house.

Many Afghans who arrive in countries such as Germany retain their conservative beliefs, often with deadly results. For example, a 29-year-old Afghan stabbed a 58-year-old gardener in a park in the western part of Berlin in 2021 because he did not like that she was working, nearly killing the woman and sending her into a coma. A retired passerby rushed to help her, ending up with serious injuries as well.

Just last week, an Afghan migrant brutally stabbed a mother and her daughter when the daughter rejected his desire for a relationship, nearly killing both of the women despite them welcoming him as a “friend.”

In 2020, 21,773 crimes were recorded from the Afghan community in Germany, including 94 murders and homicides. In the same year, German citizens were suspected of more than 1.3 million crimes recorded. Some 72 million German citizens have a crime rate of 1.8 percent, and in the case of serious acts, it is 0.002 percent. For Afghans, these figures are 7.8 percent and 0.03 percent, respectively. That means they are more than four times as likely to commit a crime than Germans.

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