Parents can block “Rainbow Friday” planned for schools

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As part of the “Rainbow Friday” initiative, there are to be seminars promoting LGBTQ+ ideology organized by non-government organizations in 211 high schools.

Many parents do not want their children to take part in seminars promoting LGBTQ+ ideology. Dariusz Piontkowski, Law and Justice MP and deputy chairman of the parliamentary commission of education told that organizing such events is up to the headmasters of each school. Parents do not have to accept them, however. What’s more, the parent’s council or the school council must approve of the seminars first.

“If certain seminars are not compulsory and organized by external, non-government organizations, then parents can decide for their children not to take part if they so wish. They can also block the whole event through the parent’s council,” explains Piontkowski.

The MP also added that an event such as “Rainbow Friday” has not been written in the school calendar. “School superintends will take a closer look at this.”

“Rainbow Friday” is to take place on October 26th. The organizer of Campaign Against Homophobia explains that this is meant to help young lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and queer people feel that there is a place for them at school.

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