Genderists’ fight against male dominance relies on pseudoscience

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The West is slowly starting to resemble China’s credit system and its punishments for not having the right worldview. In the West, many faculties of humanities don’t tolerate freedom of speech as it’s a bourgeois relict undermining progress.

A sermon of Petr Piťha wouldn’t resonate as much, if it wasn’t for the so-called Czech women lobby and its lawsuit against the priest. Many Christians already called for preserving the freedom of speech, even cardinal Dominik Duka supported Piťha’s right to preach freely. On the other hand, Tomáš Halík condemned Piťha’s words, saying he might be sued for spreading a hoax.

The lawsuit of the Women lobby itself is harmless, Czech justice is reasonable and won’t be wasted words on some hyperbole. Serious political problems lie elsewhere though, it’s the effort to intimidate and silence an opponent. Abolition of the patriarchate won’t be enough for feminists.

Czechs used to laugh at silly feminists, but not anymore. Women activists are pushing for a ratification of the Istanbul Convention, which forces states to fight against gender stereotypes under the pretext of a protection against domestic violence. It demands training, awareness-rising campaigns and school lessons on gender issues and such like. It all sounds very much like a reeducation effort. 

A feudal non-democratic society that has been swept away by emancipation, was built on privileges and inequalities between men and women. Women can inherit, study, vote, choose a partner or a job where they get paid equally. Feminists want to free women mainly from the family. Their hallucination of an absolute equalitarianism is rejecting a freedom of choice based on a gender difference. Men should hunt and do politics, women should look after their children and household.

Should we reject biological differences because of natural exemptions and hormone oscillations? It has nothing to do with human or citizens’ rights. The fight of genderism against an alleged male dominance completely relies on pseudoscience. 

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