People smugglers will receive up to 30 years in prison with our new law, says Italian MP Simone Billi in interview with Remix News

League MP Simone Billi speaks at CPAC Hungary with Remix News.
By John Cody
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In a speech at CPAC Hungary, Simone Billi, a member of Matteo Salvini’s League party and Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, made a plea in favor of sustainable growth via realistic targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions, instead of those currently being considered at the EU level; he also proposed better border control in order to bring immigration back to sustainable levels.

Speaking to Remix News, the League MP pointed out that Italy had just enacted a new law, the Cutro Act, which is a first step towards retaking control of Europe’s southern borders. However, if Italy is to succeed, it is fundamental to work in cooperation with other EU countries.

“We approved the Cutro Act a few days ago. And in the Cutro Act, we provide some new rules for immigration, for example, 30 years of prison for people who manage the boats transporting the immigrants. From my point of view, we are working on this big problem for all of Europe, and we are working well, but we need to go step by step. We need to develop a strategy, and we need to do so together with the other European countries,” said Billi.

Billi also outlined the importance of CPAC for uniting conservatives and finding common ground between different conservative movements.

“The CPAC meeting taking place today and yesterday between conservative people from all over the world is very important also for this, to strengthen the connections between us and to hear suggestions and comments from MPs from other countries as well as to make one’s own suggestions and comments on how to develop a better strategy. We are working on this, and this is one of our priorities. And we are working with the help and in connection with the other European countries. It is something fundamental for us,” said the Italian MP.

Simone Billi also insisted there is room for immigration to Italy and Europe, but only for a fixed number of legal immigrants in addition to real refugees, and that these immigrants should be better supported and integrated into European societies as it is done in Switzerland.

Simone Billi, who lives in Switzerland, was elected last year for the second time in the Italian overseas constituency covering Europe. He is a member of the Parliamentary Commission of Foreign and Community Affairs and the secretary of the Italian Parliamentary Delegation to the Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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