PHOTOS: Hungary reinforces Hungarian-Serbian border

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Hungary has replaced the barbed wire on the border with Serbia with actual fencing in the Röszke region on Tuesday after two groups of a total 71 immigrants of various nationalities attempted to forcefully enter the country this week.

In addition, the government plans to increase patrols in the region to further deter migrants from making a similar attempt.

Photos of workers and law enforcement putting up the fencing are now available to the public.

National Police said that the 71 migrants made attempts to illegally cross the border at four different locations and in one place they even tore down the barbed wire fence. Four of them made it into Hungary, but by midday all four have been apprehended and are currently investigated by the district attorney’s office.

György Bakondi, national security advisor for the Prime Minister said the attempt was a “blatant and violent organized attack by young men that had the hallmarks of coordination”.

Title image: A Hungarian Armed Forces soldier and a border police officer patrol along the newly erected fence on Hungary’s southern border with Serbia. (source: MTI/Zoltán Gergely Kelemen)

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