PiS in the lead before local elections

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Law and Justice (PiS) leads in regional legislatures according to a new IBRiS poll. PiS may win in 12 out of 16 Voivodships.

Currently PiS rules in just one Voivodship. If the elections were held today, they would govern or co-govern in at least seven. The Civic Coalition (Civic Platform – PO – and the Modern Party – Nowoczesna)) would govern in six. The remaining three would come down to coalitions established after the elections.

According to IBRiS, PiS can count on 36 percent of votes in the regional parliaments. The Civic Coalition would be voted in by 23 percent. The peasant party (PSL) obtained a very high result – 14 percent and both the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and Kukiz15’ would have 7 percent of votes. Regional committees and independent candidates would obtain 5 percent. 

Upcoming elections will be a real earthquake (…) but the poll shows that PiS has been unable to marginalize PSL

Experts attending the Krynica Economic Forum commented on the IBRiS poll for interia.pl. Professor Waldemar Paruch said that the upcoming elections will be a real earthquake. Dr. Anna Materska-Sosnowska of the University of Warsaw underlined that the poll shows that PiS has been unable to marginalize PSL.

It is important to remember that although the elections in large towns may seem prestigious, the regional parliaments hold real power and economic influence. As well as access to EU funds.

The local elections in Poland will take place on the October 21st and November 4th, 2018.

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