Chemnitz in the spotlight

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It is not surprising at all that the events in Chemnitz, close to the border generated so much attention in the Czech Republic and in the countries of the Visegrad Four.

The murder of a citizen by an Iraqi immigrant seeking asylum is fulfilling the darkest fears of societies, which have been present since 2015 when masses of immigrants were heading to Central Europe. And it is not just about the murder but the uproar it caused in Saxony and later in Germany.

Demonstrations are being organized, the police clash with the masses and hooligans are attacking asylum-seekers. The founder of the initiative Pro Chemnitz Martin Kohlmann is asking for more independence of Saxony and calls for stronger cooperation with the Visegrad countries.

The murder is tragic. The asylum-seeker from Iraq killed a local citizen on the streets with a couple of stabs. His request for asylum was rejected two years ago, but Germany was unable to send him back despite committing crimes, drug abuse and his reputation of being a dangerous man. This is an exemplary case for unleashing the rage.

Germany is unable to cope with the rejected number of asylum-seekers, unable to solve the protests in the streets of Chemnitz. The locals have the feeling of being left alone with the issue. From our viewpoint the most interesting is the high proportion of nervousness surrounding the conflict. The well-organized German society is neurotically trying to get rid of the disarray down to the smallest of details.

Saxony cannot organize its own Brexit, but what will they do? Possibly seek a strong leader, just like the Visegrad countries. The desire for stability in an unstable world is understandable.

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