A slap in the face for good manners and common sense

People who see hitting a woman as justified or someone’s death as profitable have crawled out into the spotlight. Wojciech Wybranowski writes about the steady death of common sense and good manners in Polish politics and media.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The first week of September saw the rise of a nasty media campaign in Poland. The editor-in-chief of “Fakt” Robert Feluś resigned following the publication of the tabloid’s cover relating to the death of former PM Leszek Miller’s son. “The father chose politics and the son the noose” was the headline.

The resignation was deserved because such a disgrace cannot be explained as a simple mistake. The process of publishing a paper consists of many stages and decisions to approve covers are made on the highest level.


This wasn’t the most hideous “Fakt” cover in recent years. There was the 2015 cover which showed a photo of a dying 10-year-old girl being wounded by a thug with an axe. Back then there should’ve not only been a resignation, but a slap in the face but it ended with discussions about controversies in tabloids. When it comes to the recent “Fakt” cover, Feluś’s deputy called the outrage over it a “sh*tstorm”. 

While we’re on the topic of slaps in the face – when a female government clerk slaps a vulgarly screaming woman supporting the opposition, it’s disgusting. No matter from which political side that person is or how irritating they are – violence towards women is unacceptable full stop.

It’s a great embarrassment that on the political right people immediately started commending the aggressor. Their rightism is limited to red-white flags and national symbols on social media. They’re mentality is closer to communist scum than conservative, right wing or national values.


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