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PiS triumphs in parliamentary elections

43.6 percent of voters voted for Jarosław Kaczyński’s party, according to an exit poll by IPSOS. If final results reflect exit poll numbers, Law and Justice will rule independently for the next four years.

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PiS won 43.6 percent of the votes, the Civic Coalition (KO) came second with 27.4 percent, and third was the Left with 11.9 percent.

The Polish peasant party (PSL) was fourth with 9.6 percent and the last political group to pass the election threshold was the right-wing Confederation with 6.4 percent.

The Polish Sejm holds 460 mandates. PiS, according to this exit poll, wins 239 seats, 4 more than in the 2015 elections, giving the party an independent majority.

KO takes 130 seats, according to this exit poll, losing 36 mandates compared to 2015. The Left has 43, PSL 34 and the Confederation 13. Other groups received 1 mandate.

The turnout in the elections was record high, as 61.6 percent of persons able to vote participated.

Poles also chose 100 senators but the elections to the Senate were not included in the Exit Poll research. 

Jarosław Kaczyński thanked voters for supporting Law and Justice, but underlined, that PiS is a political formation which deserves more.

Schetyna’s message

Those, who believed that one party will dominate Poland, are wrong. We will not have a Budapest in Warsaw!

“This was and is a celebration of democracy. This was a tough campaign and it was not an equal fight, there were no rules. We did not feel that our opponent used fair methods. But we believe in our victory in the Senate. The next elections are ahead of us – the presidential elections in half a year and we will win. Those, who believed that one party will dominate Poland, are wrong. We will not have a Budapest in Warsaw!” Schetyna proclaimed.

The official election results are expected to be published on Tuesday, the 15th of October at the latest.