Karnowski: What to take from these elections?

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If the Exit Poll results are confirmed, then the October 13th local elections will be Law and Justice’s greatest success. Before the European Parliament elections, this scenario seemed unreal, as PiS had played against everyone and everyone against PiS – even Paweł Kukiz.

No one in Polish history had received more; the previous record belonged to Civic Platform in 2007, who had gained 41.5 percent. This is a huge, historic achievement by Jarosław Kaczyński and his coworkers.

Yet we can speak of wanting more, especially after the recent polls, which suggested that PiS could brush against the magical barrier of 50 percent. A certain degree of disappointment could also be read from Kaczyński’s speech, in which he announced a time for reflection.

It’s hard to be surprised: if PiS gets 43.6 percent, will they be able to fight for a victory in four years time? That is the question posed by Kaczyński.