PM Orbán: Europe has not surrendered to George Soros

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Governments of the European Union member states have woken up at the last minute and stood up against billionaire George Soros, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote in an article published on his official website.
“George Soros sheds crocodile tears, but this will not return the money of millions of people, families and businesses looted by the speculator, but it does offer a modicum of satisfaction,” Orbán wrote.
He was referring to Soros’ article entitled “The Costs of Merkel’s Surrender to Hungarian and Polish Extortion ” , published on Dec. 10 on the opinion website Project Syndicate , which is the same day the European Council reached a compromise in the budget vs. rule-of-law debate. Project Syndicate is partly financed by the Open Society Foundation.
Orbán wrote that the most corrupt man in the world and his network have good reason to be disappointed because Europe has not surrendered, and Soros’ grandiose plan was blocked at the European Council.
The spotlight is on the budget money, the recovery fund, and how it will be accessed. Orbán stressed that the money in the EU budget has so far been kept under strict supervision in all member states.
The Hungarian prime minister wrote that the real issue at stake at the Brussels meeting was who would govern Europe in the future. Would it be governments elected by the citizens of the member states and their council, or would it be Soros and his effort to build his centralized Europe devoid of nation states?
In the new power structure offered by Soros, Orbán emphasized that it would represent a network of NGOs disseminating liberal, post-national and post-Christian ideas, all supported by the mainstream left-wing and right-wing media to reinforce the ideas promoted by these NGOs. At the political level, Soros could expect backing from a significant group of MEPs, Soros envoys to the European Commission, and their tool to link rule of law with sanctions on individual nation states, Orbán wrote.
“The plan is as simple as it is grand. At its financial center is George Soros, who funds thousands of NGOs, research institutes, analytical workshops, and activists who influence the direction of mainstream media. It buys and networks a critical mass of MEPs, putting people working for him in key positions such as Frans Timmermans and Věra Jourová. Finally, it adopts a piece of legislation that sets political preconditions on gender, migration, an open society, and liberal democracy in order for member states to have access to EU funds,” Orbán wrote.
Orbán wrote that according to Soros’ plan, countries that insist on their national sovereignty, Christian roots and traditional family model, such as Poland and Hungary, should be hung on this “deliberately woven” rope. And reluctant people, like the better-off Central European countries and the renowned Scandinavians, need to be assigned to public penance to understand the essence of liberal reasoning, he added.
Orbán also emphasized that European governments had woken up at the last minute. They had read the rule-of-law country reports written by Soros along with Timmermans and Jourová, and suddenly everyone understood that the verdict had been completed before the trial even took place.
Orbán therefore considers the decision of the European Council to go against Soros’s attempt to take power as an open form of opposition.
“Political issues cannot be linked to financial issues, subjective criteria cannot be the basis for financial decisions, and the legal procedure laid down in the Treaty on the European Union cannot be implemented based on what Soros demands,” Orbán wrote.

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