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Numerous foreign entities and Soros-backed NGOs operating in Hungary: report

Hungary has become an area of ​​operation for foreign influence groups ahead of the 2022 elections, Márton Békés, director of the 21st Century Institute think tank, wrote in a security policy paper. In the face of more than a decade of governance that has simultaneously defended and even expanded national sovereignty and democratic self-determination, opposing […]
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'Salvation' foundation Soros Abolish Frontex Abolish Frontex Belarus George Soros illegal migrants Salvation Fundation News Poland

Soros-funded foundation attacks Poland over illegal migrants

The Soros-funded foundation, which supports Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s aggressive policies at the Polish border, has joined a pro-migrant, anti-borders European network that calls for the abolishment of Europe’s Frontex border protection agency

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Report explores how far George Soros’ shadow reaches into European institutions

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Bill Gates’s Microsoft are the Council of Europe’s biggest donors, according to the European Center for Law and Justice report cited by Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris

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Amnesty International and other Soros-backed NGOs accuse Orbán of homophobia and hate-mongering

“Hungary is a tolerant and patient country with regards to homosexuality, however, there is a red line that must not be crossed, and I will sum up my opinion henceforth: Leave our children alone!” said PM Viktor Orbán

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Business Czech Republic Daniel Křetínský George Soros Media Poland V4 Commentary

The fate of Eurozet will be decided in Prague not in Warsaw

Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský will soon decide whether to sell Eurozet which George Soros is interested in taking over. Grzegorz Górny explains why the fate of the Polish media group will be decided in Prague and not Warsaw.

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George Soros Jacek Sasin Lyudmyla Kozlovska NGO Poland Security News

The curious case of Lyudmyla Kozlovska

Liberal media and politicians fiercely defend Lyudmyla Kozlovska after her expulsion from the European Union. She was expelled at the request of the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) as posing a security threat following allegations that she works for Russian interests.

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